Right from his childhood, Unni Ashok, after watching his father (who in turn was inspired by his Guru), had an intense desire to help others and ease their sufferings. It crossed all limits of self orientation, individuality and of only working for oneself and providing for the immediate family.

His inspiration came from the clarity of seeing all as one big family. Everything in creation is interconnected. If one member of this family is left out, then eventually it will affect everyone else at some stage.

Few years back, Unni actively pursued in conducting free medical and meal services in collaboration with like minded individuals. It created a sense of fulfillment in him.

The link between growing his business and being able to give his own free time and resources to the community came together perfectly. The business has become a vehicle to facilitate his vision to reach out to more people in need. Unni has found his business purpose by following his heart which showed him his life purpose.

In February 2020, free meal service in Brisbane for the needy was initiated. Over 600 freshly cooked meals were served that year alone. This later expanded to hampers to schools and families through Heart of Love Foundation charity organisation.

Much work goes behind the scenes – management of rosters and volunteers, identifying the needs in community, being compliant with state and country laws, communication and leadership are key to running an impactful service.

Unni is grateful to also have the opportunity to look after the financials of two charities completely free of cost, acting as their Treasurer and Board Member.